Notre structure

Filles, Pas Epouses est un partenariat mondial de plus de 800 organisations de la société civile dans 95 pays déterminées à mettre fin au mariage des enfants.

Pour assurer le bon fonctionnement de Filles, Pas Epouses, un secrétariat basé au Royaume-Uni assure la coordination du travail collectif de notre Partenariat mondial. Des membres de notre équipe sont également basés en Inde, au Kenya et au Sénégal.

Filles, Pas Epouses compte des Partenariats nationaux, composés de membres qui veulent travailler collectivement au niveau national pour accélérer les progrès vers la fin du mariage des enfants, ainsi que des groupes de travail.

The Secretariat

The secretariat rallies support to end child marriage by:

  • Increasing the visibility and understanding of the impact of child marriage, and amplifying local and global efforts driven by members to end the practice
  • Tracking and sharing global and regional policy developments with members, and spearheading collective advocacy to include child marriage in development and human rights frameworks
  • Facilitating collective action by members at the global, regional and national levels
  • Ensuring members are equipped with the necessary tools and information to strengthen their work
  • Developing a shared understanding of promising approaches to ending child marriage
  • Nurturing relationships with governments and multilateral institutions, media outlets, potential donors, UN bodies and academic institutions, to increase their interest and commitment to ending child marriage
  • The secretariat is committed to ensuring that all Girls Not Brides members feel valued and supported, and that opportunities to engage are accessible, relevant and of direct benefit to the greatest number of members
Notre équipe

Our Members

Members contribute to the Partnership and engage with one another, as well as with the secretariat, in a variety of ways, depending on their interests and capacity.

Members’ active and diverse contributions are crucial if the Partnership is to thrive. With their experience, unique understanding and their longstanding work with girls and communities affected by child marriage, Girls Not Brides members inform the strategy, activities and messaging of our global Partnership.

Members all have a role to play in the Partnership, including by:

  • Reporting important national or regional-level policy developments and strategic opportunities to the secretariat;
  • Sharing information about their child marriage-related work. This enables the secretariat to link up members with mutual interests, highlight their activities, and connect members with promising media, funding and other opportunities;
  • Embracing opportunities to interact with other members to learn from each other’s work, such as in our regular webinars;
  • Collaborating with other Girls Not Brides members at the national level to develop country-specific strategies to ensure that global action is underpinned by strong national and local-level progress. At the national level, members have also come together in many countries to form Girls Not Brides National Partnerships;
  • Participating in collective advocacy initiatives at the global, regional and national levels;
  • Helping to grow the movement by recommending other organisations also working on child marriage.

Members do not have a formal legal status within the context of Girls Not Brides.

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