I believe I can: Laxmi’s story, India

Laxmi’s story was kindly shared by our member Women Win.

In the beginning, Laxmi didn’t have any support to follow her dream to become an athlete.

« In my community, after you turn 12 you get married. Girls are for making children and housework only. Neither my family nor my community supported me, because I am a girl. But I wanted to play netball. »

Inspired by famous female athletes, and despite her family’s disapproval, Laxmi set out to change her parents’ opinion about what a girl can and cannot do. She joined GOAL, a programme run by The Naz Foundation Trust India, to become a coach and a referee. The impact was immediate.

« Sports has changed my life. I am more confident, determined, fearless, and self dependent. »

Girls playing sports in India