Can entertainment media trigger change on child marriage?

Organisation: Girls Not Brides Année: 2015

Infotainment, or edutainment, can be an effective tool to prompt large-scale behaviour change, but less is known about whether and how it could trigger change on child marriage. This session from the Girls Not Brides Global Members Meeting explored how entertainment media – such as radio and television programmes, soap operas, participatory theatre and comic books – could be used to change the social norms that perpetuate child marriage and the low status of girls in society.

MODERATOR: Laura Dickinson, Girls Not Brides secretariat


  • Joe Bish, Population Media Center, USA
  • Sonali Khan, Breakthrough, India
  • Rosie Parkyn, BBC Media Action, UK

TAGS: Vidéos India United Kingdom Mobiliser les familles et les communautés L’évolution des normes sociales Conception de projets