Using entertainment-education to end child marriage

Organisation: Girls Not Brides Année: 2017

What if soap operas, radio dramas and street theatre held the key to ending child marriage?

With more and more of our members interested in the use of entertainment – education to address child marriage, the Girls Not Brides secretariat teamed up with the Centre for Media and Health to better understand the opportunities and challenges that using this approach presents.

In this webinar we explore the findings from our newly launched report as well as hearing first-hand insights about implementing a variety of entertainment – education initiatives in high prevalence countries. We are joined by Professor Martine Bouman from the Centre for Media and Health who authored the report along with Kriss Barker, Vice – President of International Programs at Population Media Centre and Carina Schmid Director of Global Health Programs at PCI Media Impact.

TAGS: Séminaires en ligne International Mobiliser les familles et les communautés L’éducation par le divertissement L’évolution des normes sociales