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Retrouvez ici les rapports, les articles et les fiches d’information sur le mariage des enfants, ses causes et ses conséquences, ainsi que des ressources sur les approches l’abordant de manière efficace. Veuillez utiliser les filtres ci-dessous pour trouver des ressources en français.

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Everybody wants to belong: a practical guide to tackling and leveraging social norms in behaviour change programming

This guide includes tips and tools to help design effective behaviour change interventions that consider the influence of social norms on practices like child marriage.

Notes d'information

Working with religious leaders to address child marriage

Some religious leaders have acted as powerful agents of change for progress on child marriage across the world. Others have been an obstacle to efforts to end the practice.

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G7 Advocacy Briefs

These advocacy briefs call on leaders in G7 countries to recognise the need for global level action on child marriage.

Documents officiels

Advancing the Evidence Base on Child Marriage and HIV

This paper and an associated expert consultation were developed to better understand the relationship between child marriage and HIV.

Articles de recherche

Adolescent-led marriage in Somaliland and Puntland: a surprising interaction of agency and social norms

This paper the role of technology, social norms and poverty in driving adolescent-led marriage in Somaliland and Puntland.

Articles de recherche

Social norms and child marriage in Cameroon: an application of the theory of normative spectrum

This paper looks at the influence of social norms on child marriage across four villages in different regions of Cameroon.

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Enlisting the whole of government to benefit the whole girl: ending child, early and forced marriage

This policy brief offers guidance to members of the U.S. government on developing a whole-of-government approach to address child marriage.


A Qualitative Study of the Drivers of Child Marriage in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

This qualitative study reveals the factors that lead to child marriage in seven districts of Pakistan. It also puts forward recommendations to end child marriage.

Étude de cas, Rapports

Early marriage in Nepal: prospects for schoolgirls

This paper explores the drivers of child marriage among schoolgirls in one district in Nepal.


Born to be married: addressing early and forced marriage in Nyal, South Sudan

This report sheds light on the alarming rates of child marriage in Nyal, South Sudan.